Choosing a company for your vehicle graphics

Choosing a the right company for your vehicle graphics can be tougher then you think.  Many folks immediately go for the cheapest solution.  This article will explore why this may not always be the best option.

The frequently used cliche of “you get what you pay for” often is true in these cases. My suggestion, decide up front how much you’re willing to pay for your graphics.  Work with your trusted usual sign company.  Tell them what your budget is, and see what they can do with that.

If you feel you’re not getting enough for your money, tell them.  Maybe there are very good reasons why the price you have given them only buys what they have suggested. Then again, since you are a loyal customer of theirs, maybe they will be more willing to work with you to get to a solution that you and they are happy with.  I would much rather provide enhanced value to a repeat customer that I know will continue to come back to me then a one time deal that is just out looking for the best price.  If you have a design in mind, have the graphics ready (in the format required).  Believe it or not, designing a vehicle wrap/graphic is time consuming.  Most wrap companies will charge you for the time they put into that design.  Outside of price, find out:

  • What type of materials they plan on using?
    Materials come with different life ratings.  Most wrap material has at least a 5 year warranty.  Typically, this is the time frame in which it can be removed from the surface it was placed on.
  • What type of warranty they give with their work?
    We give a one year warranty on our work.  If something goes wrong during that time, we’ll fix it.  Realize, no one can warranty their work when their customer “abuses” their graphics (I had one customer that took a scraper to his back window that we had covered with a graphic). 
  • Do they remove hardware from your vehicle, or just manuever around obstacles? Does it matter to you?
    To get the best look on your wrap/graphic, it may be necessary to remove door handles, mirrors, etc…  This is not always required.  Just having the logo and contact information viewable is often fine for work vehicles.  You need to know if this is important for your specific application.
  • If you have an issue, will they be there to get it fixed quickly?
    Having a customer driving around with a defective wrap can bring a lot of negative attention to the install company.  If one of our customers has an issue, we try to get them in immediately to get it resolved.  

If you don’t get satisfactory answers to these questions, maybe you are dealing with the wrong sign company.  This might be a good opportunity to upgrade your sign company to one that meets your needs.

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