Office Privacy|Utilizing Frosted Vinyl for Window Graphics

So you just finished construction on your new office layout.  You wanted to ensure you had lots of natural light, so you had your walls made of glass.  After an hour of sitting at your desk, you begin to wonder if you’ve grown gills from being on display in your “fish tank”.  Suddenly, you have a heavy desire for your old walls.

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Frosted vinyl allows for light to enter and provides privacy

Sound familiar?  Don’t go scrambling back to your old solid walls, natural light helps keep you from feeling claustrophobic, and can make you feel like more of a part of the “team”.  That said, it is still important to have some degree of privacy.  Window graphics utilizing frosted vinyl is a great way to get the best of both worlds.  This vinyl is semi transparent, so light will still come through, but it is opaque enough to keep your nosy neighbors from keeping tabs on everything you are doing.  Since it is vinyl, you can have it cut into any shape you want.  Different size stripes can be used to give a great look while making it difficult to see exactly what is going on inside the office.  In addition, the company logo could be cut out and used to help promote the business, or other shapes/words could be used to identify the function being performed within the office.

Vinyl adheres great to glass and should last for many years.  It is also easy to remove.  For a small investment, you can add a fresh look to your office while still enjoying the benefits of natural light.

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