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Most businesses will need a sign company at some point in their existence.  When that first time comes, don’t just go out and look for the most inexpensive option available.  Sure, no one wants to pay more for anything than they have to, but the sign industry can be very deceiving.  One sign company may quote you $100 for a sign while another comes in at $70.  The difference is very often not a price gouging by the first sign company (although this is possible), it is usually due to the first company utilizing more expensive materials, or providing more services like design or obtaining a permit.  Many sign companies will try to win over customers with lower prices by using inferior products.  It is important that you talk with several sign companies and see who you feel the most comfortable with.  Does this company have design capabilities?  Do you like what you see on their website?  Are they a local company, or a national chain?  Get quotes from these companies.  Go back and talk to the ones you felt comfortable with to get more information on the quote.  If you think it seems high, ask them:

a: to explain why it is so high

b: if there are any less expensive options

There may well be some less expensive options, but you should know why they are less expensive just as you should know why the higher priced option costs more.  It may make sense to go along with the higher priced item if it will look better longer, structurally last longer, or give a better look than the lower priced option.  Then again, maybe this sign wouldn’t be affected by the less expensive, lower quality design.

When you are working with a sign company, it is a partnership.  You have to know that your sign company will try to always do what is best for their customers whether it be more expensive than other options, or less.  There are a hundred ways to make every sign, so you need to trust that your sign company is going to pick the best method for your particular sign.  Yes, you may pay a little more for certain items, but often, that comes with higher quality products being used in the manufacture of your sign, design work may be included, and an overall feeling that your sign company is creating a sign that is being done with your interest in mind.

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