Vehicle Wraps in the Service Industry

Although we’ve talked about vehicle wraps in the past, today I wanted to discuss the impact of vehicle graphics on the service industry.    When I say “service industry”, I’m referring to any business that utilizes their vehicle to get to a client site to perform their work.  For these people, their vehicle is their office most of the time.  If these businesses want to grow, taking advantage of the advertising space  available to them through their company vehicles would be one great way to start!
The first  picture is of our company truck before we did any advertising on it.  Yes it’s a great looking truck (had to get that in), but it certainly won’t attract any new customers to our door.

Now compare the original truck to the “new and improved” version after we wrapped it.  Now which do you think stays in your customer’s mind longer?  There is no doubt about what our business name is, what types of products we produce, and how to get in touch with us.

When deciding on a wrap, keep in mind these simple items:

  1. What is the name of your business?
  2. What services do you provide?
  3. What is your contact information?
  4. Do you provide services when it is dark out?

The first three items provide the bulk of the information that will be on your wrap.  The fourth will help determine if you might want to include a high reflective vinyl in the mix.  Now each of these items can be further broken down as well.  Will you just provide a text name for your business, or will it be a logo?  Do you put your phone number and email address on the side, or do you put a QR code (or both)?

It’s important to remember that the main reason for getting a vehicle wrap (or graphics) is to attract more looks from possible customers.

A wrap is a tool for you to advertise.  As such, it should be a part of your advertising budget.  Generally, a wrap will last 4-5 years.  If you paid $2000 for a vehicle wrap and it lasts 4 years, it is costing you just under $42/month.  What other method of advertising  gets your business name in front of as many possible customers for that price?  Currently spending less then that?  You must have one heck of a referral network, or you aren’t getting any new clients.

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