Third Party Vehicle Wrap Installation in Boulder, CO

More often then not, when you’re out looking for a vehicle wrap, you are looking for a company to both print and install the wrap.   In addition, you very well may be looking for that same company to assist you with the design.  This works out nice for the buyer because they only have to deal with one company.  Some franchise companies, however, will have a contract with a single source to print all of their vehicle wraps.  This isn’t a bad thing as it ensures that the colors will always match.  Often, they will send those wraps to where the vehicle is going to reside so that a local company can perform the installation.  There are issues and benefits to be aware of when getting your vehicle graphics installed this way.  First off, let’s take a look at the potential issues:

  • The biggest issue you may have will occur several months or even a year or more down the road.  If the wrap starts to fail, who is responsible for supporting you?  Will the installation company point the finger at the printing company and vice versa?  If you are not familiar and comfortable with your local installer, make sure you get a signed contract before the  installation starts.  This contract should state who is responsible for what.
  • What happens if there is a problem during the installation?  Most companies that perform vehicle wrap installations are very professional and do excellent work.  Even if you work with the most qualified wrap company around, issue can occur.  If the vinyl gets damaged, how will it be replaced?  The installation company certainly can’t reprint the part that was damaged.  Talk with the printing company to see what their policy is up front.  Will they replace any damaged vinyl free, or will there be additional costs involved?

On the other hand, there are benefits to this scenario as well:

  • Dealing with a local company gives the buyer any easy method of getting support….assuming the install company and the print company don’t sit and point fingers at each other.  It is much easier to drive across town to get an issue fixed then to go half way across the country and often, a local company will go further out of its’ way to make sure you are happy.
  • When you have an issue, you can talk to someone face to face as opposed to a faceless person over the phone.  Often, this by itself motivates the installation company to give excellent support.

Here at  Front Range Vital Signs, we welcome the opportunity to perform these types of installations.  This not only keeps us busy, but it introduces us to potential new repeat clients.

Remember to ask questions before signing up with any wrap company.  Make sure both the buyer and the installer are on the same page for providing support on that vehicle wrap should anything go wrong.

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